Martin Grams Jr

Martin is the author and co-author of more than twenty books about old-time radio, retro television and classic movies, including Car 54.

Shanachie Entertainment

One of America’s most successful and long-lived independent labels, is a fascinating tale of a constantly evolving company animated by a relentless drive to bring outstanding music and video to audiences worldwide. These are the people who finally brought Car 54 out on DVD.

Drew Friedman Fine Art Prints

Pop culture aficionados have long admired painter-illustrator DREW FRIEDMAN's sordid, sensational, and often affectionate caricatures of showbiz legends, eccentric performers, and two-bit players. Working in collaboration with the artist, we are now producing and marketing signed, limited edition, archival-quality fine art prints of original portraits by Friedman.

All works are created by and copyrighted in the name of Drew Friedman. Portrait subjects are determined by a whimsical decision-making process. We are not selling the original art; we are selling signed editions only.

All prints are reviewed by the artist and signed only upon his approval. As each edition sells down, prices will increase. Once editions are sold out, we will not offer these works as fine art prints in different formats. However, the artist reserves the right to reproduce his works in books and other mass-market products.

Drew has prints to buy of people and characters associated with Car 54. Including Nat Hiken, Joe E. Ross and even Leo and Sylvia Schnauser!!  Why not take a visit to his website and find out for yourself why he is considered such a brilliant artist.

  1. Joe E. Ross.
    Joe E. Ross.
  2. Schnausers.
  3. Nat Hiken tribute.
    Nat Hiken tribute.
Rhino For Jewelry

A textbook, written by Dana Buscaglia (daughter of Nat Hiken), with step-by-step chapters teaching the use of Rhinoceros ™ 4.0

The Phil Silvers Show

Six years before Car 54 Where Are You?, Nat Hiken created this comedy classic!!